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Meet Our Team

Kitchens Designed For Your Lifestyle

When it’s time to create your dream kitchen, it’s time to have a conversation with one of our talented kitchen designers. You deserve to have the very best in Service and Results, and that is exactly what you can expect from the design team at Northeastern Kitchens.  Now let’s get started.

Russell White


I chose to design kitchens for what the kitchen represents, the heart of the home. It’s rewarding to see the joy a new kitchen brings.

Mike Bolen


Michael Bolen is an experienced designer of over 10 years who thinks outside the box with a critical eye for detail, while recognizing each clients individual needs.

Robert Bane

Jamesburg and Bordentown

What I love most about designing is the ability to create something new from something old, to bring joy and excitement back into peoples homes.

Jessica Slivinski


“Your kitchen isn’t just for cooking, it’s where your family gathers. My goal is to create a warm and welcoming space for your family to make memories.”

Do you have a budget for your kitchen design? Need to create one? We can help.